Popular Interior Design Trends for 2016

With the popularity of many home renovation shows like The Block, House rules and many others, interior decor has become something everyone has a passion for. People are spending time choosing the paint for their walls to specific furniture for their rooms. Gone were the days when only women worried about the interiors of the house, nowadays even men contribute to the choice of decor in their individual rooms in the house.

Every year there are new trends in interior design and designers try to compete with one another to come up with innovative and modern concepts in decor, lighting or furniture. Some trends to watch out for the New Year are:

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Everyone has a garden in their house but how about bringing in the outdoor inside? Try and incorporate plants that can be planted inside and include wooden pieces of furniture that are perfect for inside and outdoors.

What are the interior design trends for 2016?

What are the interior design trends for 2016?

Look for artistic pieces

Having a great looking interior is everyone’s dream but to have a more eye catching look, add a few artistic looking pieces that can be anything from a stunning statement mirror to patchwork tablecloth or marbled bench tops. These pieces can add a different dimension to your existing decor and really bring the room to life.

Include mineral in your decor

While it’s common to find minerals in your food and plant fertilisers, the new trend is to add minerals into your decor. Bowls made of pyrite, semi-polished raw stones as door pulls and huge pieces of quartz will all be trendy items so look out for them and include them into your decor for a great statement making look.


Geometry in tiling

Splashbacks have been a popular decor feature for quite some time now and designers are now moving towards incorporating splashbacks with geometric designs and prints for a more bold and stylish look. Materials like wood and cement are being used to make them more interesting. Even tiles are getting a major revamp with bold patterns and textures.

Metallic metals

Metals like gold, silver and even bronze are slowly become really popular in decor trends. To add a bit of luxury, incorporate some gold lamps or brass door knobs and wait for compliments and stares from your guests. Everyone will be sure to enjoy your modern and revamped interiors.

Sustainable decor

While it’s important to have great looking pieces for your interior, it’s also equally important to use materials that are sustainable and are environmentally friendly. Try and recycle or reuse whenever it is possible to avoid crowding the planet with unused furniture. If building your own home, try and use sustainable foundations so its environmentally safe.

Now that you know the most popular trends for the upcoming year, why not head the nearest furniture store and grab some statement making pieces to revamp your interior decor in time for the festive season so your guests will stare in awe and leave the celebrations feeling overwhelmed and happy?

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